The Dutch Reformed church in the centre of the Kerkplein (Church square) draws one's attention away from the sides where just a few buildings vaguely remembers one of the past.
The original name of the Kerkplein was Oranjetuin. In those days there was another church building on the spot and a cemetery. When the cemetery Nieuwe Oranjetuin (New Orange garden) was established the name changed into Oude Oranjetuin (Old Orange garden). Some graves are still to be seen inside the church (see the Hotspot Dutch reformed church).
The fire of 1821 destroyed quite some buildings in this part of town. During the 60's-70's of the 20th century some large modern buildings were erected, changing the face and scale of the square completely. The post office time jump illustrates this.
Kerkplein - Hervormde kerk Kerkplein 8 (2007) Kerkplein 3 (2000)

The old days

Hoofdpostkantoor (ca 1915).jpg Hoofdpostkantoor.jpg

Time jump

Tijdsprong Postkantoor  Time jump Post office  playerskin copy.jpgTime jump Dutch Reformed church

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