The most important building in the Steenbakkerijstraat is the Main city church of the Moravian Brotherhood.
The rest of the street had fallen prey to the commercial changes demanding concrete and plastered stone, tasteless additions to the wooden buildings and more practical openings in the façades, leaving little of the old character.
Still, if one takes the time to look past the horrors of modernization, one can discover small gems of details, such as the ventilation turrets on the roof of #38 and the wrought ironwork of the baluster of the balcony at #30.

Odd side
Steenbakkerijstraat 21 - Grote stadskerk (2007) Steenbakkerijstraat 23 - Grote Stadskerk pastorie (2007) Steenbakkerijstraat 41 (2014).jpg                                         Grote stadskerk EBGService on Good Friday 2007, Moravian church 

Even side
Steenbakkerijstraat 68 (2007) Steenbakkerijstraat 64 (2007) Steenbakkerijstraat 44 hoek Domineestraat (2007) Steenbakkerijstraat 38 (2007) Steenbakkerijstraat 30 en 32 (2007)

The old days


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