Independence square [2]

The southern end of Independence square is quite a lot less distinct than the north and west part. The Palace Hotel has been demolished and is replaced by a congress hall with a glass façade that in no way meets the standards of the tradition of the surroundings. 
The view of the river was in the 18th century marked by the façade of a building which now (after the fire of 1821) stands facing the river: Waterkant 2 - Corner House. That south-western corner is now dominated by two side façades between which the Dixie-bar is dwarfed.
Onafhankelijkheidsplein Dixiebar (2007) Onafhankelijkheidsplein 8 (2007) Onafhankelijkheidsplein 7 (2007)  

Demolished buildings
Palace hotel dependence Onafhankelijkheidsplein, Palace Hotel (jaren 70)[x]

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