Buildings of the Moravian community, Maagdenstraat 50

Maagdenstraat 50 (2007).jpg

The buildings of the Moravian church on the corner of the Maagdenstraat and the Steenbakkerijstraat are part of a complex that also incorporates the Main city church and the parsonage.
The two fine, mirrored buildings are 5 bays wide and have a steep roof with corrugated iron. The house on the right hand side has a large dormer front and rear with two windows each and a semi-round window.

Maagdenstraat 50 - 2 (2007).JPG    Maagdenstraat 50 - 1 (2007).JPG

Maagdenstraat 50 - 2 Stoep (2007).JPG
The brick substructure is rather high. The small stoops in the axis of the building have flights of stairs to the side with a wooden fence. The double panel doors quite charming.

The galleries on the first floor turn around the corner on one side. They rest on slender square posts that have their own isolated brick feet.
The iron bars of the balconies enhance the slender character of the buildings. The one on the right hand side is used as an administration office, the other is a general office.

To the west there is a guest house, built in the depth. It has a simple fa├žade with a door and two hatches in the ground floor. The first floor has a single window and in the top there are two more hatches. The right side has a internal gallery along the full 9 bays of the depth of the building.


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