Ston Oso, Zwartenhovenbrugstraat 88

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Zwartenhovenbrugstraat 88 - Ston oso

Ston oso (Stone House) stands at the corner of Zwartenhovenbrugstraat and Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat (before: Steenbakkersgracht).

Zwartenhovenbrugstraat 88 Ston oso [2007]
Anno 2006 the house is in a abominable state.
It used to be the only brick residence that was not situated in the first section of the city (with Kerkplein and Keizerstraat as city limits). This was so exceptional that it got the name of Ston oso (Stone House).

Ston oso was a house, built in the width with 5 bays. Two double doors faced the street (Zwartenhovenbrugstraat). This deviates form the central door that can be seen practically anywhere else. It had two storeys and a steep pavillion roof covered with rounded tiles. Dormers on all sides. The remains still show the stoop running the full width of the building and even around the corner on the Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat side. The extended gallery was three bays wide and two floors high. The balcony had iron bars.

It is not clear, anno 2007, whether efforts will be made to restore the building.





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