Officer's residences, Fort Zeelandia

Situated to the west and north of the Fort Zeelandia proper are some officer’s residences built in timber, that stand in contrast to the stone mass of the fortress, which therefore looks even more massive.

Officierswoning 3 (2007)     Officierswoning 5 (2007)     Officierswoning 7 (2007)
Officierswoningen 14 (2007)     Officierswoning 8 (2007)     Officierswoning 6 (2007)

Officierswoning 9 (2007)     Plattegrond fort 2     Wachthuis (2007)
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The houses with numbers 3, 5 and 7 date from the first half of the 19th century. At that time they consisted of only one storey, but carried the same type of roof and dormers as today. Around the turn of the century (1900) the second storey and the protruding galleries were build.

Zeelandia Officierswoning 3

   Number 3 is a building of 5 bays, build upon a high baked brick substructure with a monumental half round set
   of flights. The external gallery with large flat arches turns left, where it also has a second floor.

   In the rear there is also an extension; because of all these additions this side looks rather disorderly. 
   The balustrade with green crossing diagonals is a bit heavy and gives the building a plump image. The 
   roofs are from corrugated iron and slightly broken.

    Zeelandia officierswoningen 7 detail (2007)    Zeelandia Officierswoningen 5 en 7
The numbers 5 and 7 are similar, albeit that #5 has sliding windows and #7 green wooden shutters. The buildings have 5 bays in the front façade and 3 in the sides. The ground floors have an added gallery with flat arches. The roof of #5 is made of baked shingles. #7 has a corrugated iron roof. Just as with #3 the roofs are slightly broken. Next to #7 is an annex.

Zeelandia Officierswoning 9

   Number 9 is a brick building, as is the Provoost, which nowadays (2007) is fallen into decay. Only the attic 
   is made of wood. This might be a hint that the basis of the building once was part of the main watch, which
   was also mainly made of bricks and dominated the image of the surrounding with its characteristic tower for
   50 years ever since 1789. The house is 3 bays wide and deep. The front gallery covers two floors, in the
   center there is an extension. In the rear there is a closed wooden gallery, with a large shed of corrugated 
   iron. The roofing consists of baked shingles.


 Officierswoning 6 (2007)


   The buildings 6 and 8 were the 
   houses of the commanding officers.
   Nowadays #6 houses the Nola 
   Hatterman Institute (plastic arts).
   The building is 5 bays wide and 3 
   deep. Both floors have a gallery in
   the front and to the right. The 
   railings are fixed between white
   posts which gives the building a 
   more slender and playful image 
   than the other buildings. 
   The arches on the ground floor are
   rather flat.

Officierswoning 8 (2007)

   Number 8 is a building of little appeal that stands on an open brick substructure. The gallery on the first level
   continues to the left side, but there it is closed. Although the building is 5 bays in width and 3 in depth like 
   most of the other officer’s residences, its proportions are not elegant.  

Wachthuis (2007)

   The guardhouse is build next to the street on the east side
   of Independence square. It is a small one-storey building 
   with two double paneldoors on both sides, each having its
   own flight of steps. Because of the dark pilasters the small
   building has a rather explicit look. The side walls have a
   door in the centre with short stoops
   The rear façade also has a door, but there are no flights
   there, leaving the door hanging in mid-air. 
   The building has a slate roof.



Zeelandia Devil gevangenis (2014).jpg


Devil Prison (Provoost) is a simple building in brick, with a lower part attached. Both have a saddle roof.  


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