Palace Hotel [X], Independence Square 6

Rotary 's-Gravenhage Zuid 
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Onafhankelijkheidsplein, Palace Hotel [X]

Palace dependence [X]

The legendary Palace Hotel was housed in two buildings (numbers 6 and 7). The first building was a residence in the width, dating from the second part of the 18th century. It laid far from the street-line. A sturdy tower with a pyramid roof marked the front. It was covered with slate, just like the pavilion roof of the residence. The area facing the street was covered by a roof terrace.

The second house to the left dated from the mid 19th century. It was build in the depth with three bays in the front façade and had balconies attached over the full front of the two top floors. The round pillars were much sturdier than the usual light square posts which were used to support balconies in those times.Nowadays a modern congress centre occupies the spot, which unfortunately is in no way architectonically merged into the surroundings and therefore does not contribute to the appearance of the square.




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