Cantonal court, Grote Combéweg 2 [X 1989]

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Kantongerecht (1970) [X 1990]

The old cantonal court at the Grote Combéweg, which burnt down in 1989, was erected just before 1835 as a government lodging. At least it served as such in 1835 when Prince Willem Frederik Hendrik of the Netherlands visited the colony. In the course of time different extensions and changes were made.

Its long side with 13bays faced the street. The ground floor was made of brick and was very low. The floor on top of it on the other hand was rather high. The buckled pavillion roof had two dormers and three small ventilation turrets in the ridge.

Grote Combéweg 2 Kantongerecht (2007)                                                                                                      Kantongerecht achterzijde (1971) [X]
In 2007 a new stone building, which in no way hints at the old building, was put into service.


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