Mr.dr.J.C. de Mirandastraat 13

Mr.dr J.C. de Mirandastraat 13 (2007)

Mr.dr.J.C. de Mirandastraat 13 (Mirandastraat 17 according to the former numbering - TG) is a building constructed in locally baked bricks. Initially construction was carried out in bricks that were brought along as ballast aboard the ships sailing for Suriname to return to the Netherlands loaded with merchandise. Later brick were manufactured in situ. This house was build in the middle of the 19th century and was clearly inspired by the building style of the USA. It is a house of two stories with a relatively flat roof of 30 degrees. The house in 7 bays wide, the five central bays have a gallery with Doric pillars on the ground floor and Ionic on the top floor. On both floors a sturdy cornice. The tympanum has a semi-oval widow with a radiating pattern. The landing can be reached via two stairs at the sides, the lower flight even continues around the corner into the Lim A Postraat. The windows on the top floor are of the Demerara type: ventilator shutters hinging at the top and slanting outward. The building must have looked much more stately before the roof was covered with corrugated iron.

Mr.dr. J.C. de Mirandastraat 13 stoep (2007)     Mr.dr J.C. de Mirandastraat 13 Demerara windows (2007)     Mr.dr J.C. de Mirandastraat 13 details (2007)

Originally the house had five bays, later two bays were added to the right. The old doors in the front fa├žade were kept and new ones added in the 5th bay. The edifice at #15 gives an idea what the building should have looked like before the extension.

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