Wagenwegstraat 22

Wagenwegstraat 22 (2007)

The house at Wagenwegstraat 22 is a free-standing building at the corner of the Wagenwegstraat and the Malebatrumstraat. It is so large that the north end borders the Heerenstraat. It is a monumental edifice build in the depth on a brick basement with two high floors and three more layers in the high, steep roof. In the long sides there is a large dormer, flanked by two smaller dormers.
The main entrance in the south façade has got a skylight with a monogram and it can be reached via two quarter-round stairs. One could also perceive the building as build in the width, since in the east façade there is another entrance with stairs that fan out into the yard. A pavement of two steps runs along three sides of the building. All windows have a lightly arching, profiled lintel.

Wagenwegstraat 22 bovenlicht     Wagenwegstraat 22 (1960)     Wagenwegstraat 22 stoep


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