Domineestraat 48

Domineestraat 48 (2007)

The house at Domineestraat 48 was built in 1850 and belonged to the Moravian community, which owned a number of buildings in the Steenbakkerijstraat area.


Domineestraat 48


The front of the house was changed radically at ground floor level.

The high substructure of brick pillar bases that also supported the veranda had open brickwork panels facing the street. This veranda (still present in the picture to the right) was later removed to make more space on the pavement. The original height of the pillar bases can still be seen. The galleries that run around all sides of the house were built only by the end of the 19th century.


The building has two storeys with a steep roof, with a large dormer with two windows in the front and the rear. At the time of the demolition of the veranda, the fa├žade at ground floor level was drastically altered to make the building suitable for commercial purposes, a fate that comes to an increasing number of traditional buildings in the city.

      Domineestraat 48 Zijkant (2007)

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