Gravenstraat 14

Gravenstraat 14 (2007)

The premises at Gravenstraat 14 are part of the plots of the Roman Catholic church which cover the area from the Bishop’s residence till the Mgr. Wulfinghstraat in the west and which boundaries in the rear are established by the Sommelsdijck creek. Gravenstraat 14 achterzijde (2007) The most recent renovations took place in 2005.

Gravenstraat 14 detail voorgevel (2007)
The building is seven bays wide, the central part is monumental. A large flight of steps with side steps leads to panel doors with rounded tops and a fancy fanlight. Above that combination there is a window with decorated cheeks. The large pavilion roof has a large dormer with three windows.

Gravenstraat 14 Stoep voorzijde (2007)Gravenstraat 14 Bovenlicht voorzijde (2007)

The rear of the building is even more charming. Here a flight of steps fans out into the garden with meandering stairs and both floors have galleries over the full width. A coat of arms is fitted above the door and the central bay extends into the garden, topped with a pediment


        Gravenstraat 14 achterzijde detail (2007)        Gravenstraat 14 Stoep achterzijde (2007) Gravenstraat Soeurs van Roosendaal

The interior of the building that nowadays functions as the chancery of the diocese has been restored during the last renovations and is a nice example of the combination of white painted wood and natural lacquered timber.

Kast    Interieur    Boog deurkozijn  Boog en lambrisering 


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