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Newsletter September 2010

In the summer of 2010 we added new pages to the website. The buildings of the Roman-Catholic church at Gravenstraat 16-18 (Henck Arronstraat) are incorporated in the Hotspotmap now that they are renovated and information and pictures are added to the page of # 14. Further down the street we find the Hendrikschool, now with an own page. Waterkant 12 features an own page with a video”torie” by its owner Michael Vervuurt. And although the building lies outside the area of Unesco World Heritage, we have dedicated a page to the Rust en Vredekerk.

A Fremdkörper on the site is the page about Hoi An. When we visited this Vietnamese town in April 2010 we were struck by the similarity of some features of this place with those of Paramaribo, which we want to show in this page.
Finally a small notice about TNT mailservices using a photograph from our website for their stamp series Grenzeloos - Suriname en Nederland. (Without borders)

Gravenstraat premises Roman Catholic church

The old school buildings at Gravenstraat 16 en 18 have been renovated recently. It has been just a couple of years now that #16 was restored, but alas, rot has already attacked some of the wooden boards. When we took pictures in December 2009, façade boards were being replaced, which can be seen on the pictures. Number 18 also shows signs of decay. That I a pity, because since the Cathedral has been restored to its former splendor, the even side of the first part of the Gravenstraat is a joy to watch, at least from a distance.

We added some pictures of the interior and a view of the backyard to the page of Gravenstraat 14.

Other new Hotspots

The page of the Hendrikschool at the Gravenstraat already existed, but is now also accessible via the Hotspot map.

The Rust en Vredekerk (Moravian church) is situated at the corner of the Rust en Vredestraat and the Gemenelandsweg. That is quite a distance from the area that is Unesco World Heritage. But for the part of Paramaribo where it stands, next to Frimagron, the area where the freed slaves settled, it is such a prominent building that we considered it worthwhile to grant it its own page. Also because its construction is interesting: the building does not rest on a full foundation ring but on short columns. The church is listed as a national monument. In the future we will definitely pay some attention to the list of monuments.

Waterkant 12 is one of those buildings we the decision to add it to the Hotpost map is a difficult one. The criteria are rather personal. There were three reasons to add the building to the map. When we visited the premises we discovered some small but interesting details, among which the stoop in the back of the building: complex masonry, maybe even unnecessarily complex, but a specimen of the craftsmanship of the old time masons. The dedication of the owner Michael Vervuurt was another reason to pay attention to the building. His renovations are well considered, taking old traditions into account, as one can hear in his video-torie on the page. The Video-torie itself is the third reason to grant the building its own page on the site.

Hoi An

The page on Hoi An is probably not something one would expect on the Paramaribo site. In April 2010 we paid a visit to this Vietnamese town, that is also on the Unesco World Heritage list. Just like Paramaribo, the city boasts no grand architectural monuments. The noteworthy aspect of the town is the rhythm and the pulse of a like-mindedness of the buildings. That is exactly what we finds so exceptional about Paramaribo.
But contrary to Paramaribo, after six Hoi An is a lively town, where the loitering is fine. Maybe a good example for Paramaribo?

Without borders - Suriname and the Netherlands

 Mid 2010 TNT mailservices published a stamp series called Grenzeloos - Suriname en Nederland (Without borders). The series consists of six stamps that are published omn three different sheets. For one of the sheets the designer asked permission to use a photograph of the Weigh house on our site, which we of course granted with pride.
TNT is an interesting partner publicity-wise, but ever more frequently people contact us in order to use our pictures for all sorts of purposes. Which of course pleases us very much.





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