The Bishop’s residence, Gravenstraat 12

Gravenstraat 12 - Bisschopshuis (2007)

The building at Gravenstraat 12 once was owned by Sara Lemmers who lived there as early as 1750. But probably it was build even earlier. The Roman Catholic church bought it in 1917 to establish a girl’s boarding school on the premises. In 1921 it became the Bishop’s residence.

The house is a brick building of two floors, with a pavement along the full front. The steep slate roof has a dormer both in the front and in the rear. Above the double panelled door there is a small balcony on consoles of wrought iron.
The inner walls are also made of brick (half a brick thick). On the first floor there is a neo-gothic chapel.

Gravenstraat 12 Bisschopshuis achterzijde (2007)1     Gravenstraat 12 Bisschopshuis achterzijde (2007)

In the rear there is a wooden extension of the first floor, which results in an internal gallery with arches at ground level. Some ornaments adorn the building, mainly at the front: the panelled door with door mallet and the console of the balcony.

Gravenstraat 12 Bisschopshuis paneeldeuren (2007)      Gravenstraat 12 Bisschopshuis deurklopper (2007)


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