Building 1790, Fort Zeelandia [X 1990]

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Gebouw 1790 (2007)

In 1790 this building was added to the fortification Zeelandia as a victuals storehouse. The first storehouses were situated in the fort proper, but this had a history of regular neglect and decay. The bastions for instance were scooped out to serve as a storage, but they were flooded with rainwater.
Gebouw 1790 (1979)

The construction of Building 1790 took place in a period in which the fortress was loosing her military value. The storehouse actually was built on the filled moat. Still quite some fixing was done to the fort and the surrounding buildings during that period.
Gebouw 1790 van binnenuit (2007).jpgJust like the fort the building fell into decay in the 19th century, untill it was renovated in 1960 to accomodate two ministeries. In 1990 (28 August) a fire destroyed the building. In 2007 nothing remains except for the thick brick walls.

The building consisted of 13 bays in length, had 2 stories and had brick walls 65-78 cm thick. The facades in the length had a centerpart with an entrance that protruded 70 cm. The facades on the short side had three entrances. Above the middle one facing the city the year "1790" was fixed in wrought iron figures. The roof construction consisted of a steep pavilion roof covered with tiles. On both side of the centre party on the long facades there were three dormers, the short facades had one dormer each.


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