Corner House, Waterkant 2

Waterkant 2 (2007)

Waterkant 2 Het Hoekhuis Volders

The Corner House at Waterkant 2 stands on a plot which was allotted by Governor General Mauricius to mr. Strube, a member of the Council of Civil Justice. The house that then was built was facing the square (see drawing). After the fire of 1821 which destroyed the house, the owner had the house rebuilt with the front facing the river.

Waterkant 2 details voorgevel (2007)The basement of the present building is made of red painted brick, rather high with its 1,80 m, with just some round windows at the sides. Both in the width and the depth there are 5 bays. There is a broad stoop on both sides of the house that face the street. Side steps lead to the small porch which supports a small but voluminous balcony with an iron fence by Ionic columns.

Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis balusterachterbalkon (2007)       
Around the panel doors that form the main entrance al sorts of details are accentuated with black lines. The balcony has a roof with a small pediment, which also is supported by Ionic columns.The two floors are rather high; the house next doors reaches the same high with three floors.

                   Waterkant 2 zijgevel (2007)Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis achtergevel (2007)

The roof used to be covered with slate. It has dormers in front and back, adorned with corner pilasters and a tympanum. In the beginning of the 20th century the premises were extended to the back with a loggia with a flat roof. Later on the loggia was fitted with windows and the flat roof was covered.

In the garden there is a small swimming pool, in back of which there is an entrance to the Dixie-bar, which is also accessible from the square. 

Interior                                       playerskin video Hoekhuis interieur

The interior of the Corner House probably is the most beautiful traditional interior to be found in Suriname, although in the past changes were made which were not really becoming. During the times of the 1975 revolution different items were taken “into safety” but were never returned.

Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis Salon (2007)     Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis hal (2007)     Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis eetkamer (2007)
Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis serre (2007)     Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis trap (2007)     Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis serre wandschildering (2007)

Just like with the exterior of the building, the interior reveals fine details.

Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis deurornament (2007)      Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis trapdetail (2007) 

The house had different owners. In 1920 it was acquired by the Surinam Bauxite Company, later to be called Suralco, and ever since it is the residence of the CEO of Suralco.

Onafhankelijkheidsplein Dixiebar


Part of the complex is the Dixie-bar, where jazz-concerts and the like are given. To spare the interior, this doesn’t happen too frequently. Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis Dixiebar 18



                                                        Waterkant 2 Hoekhuis Dixiebar 20


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