High Court of Justice, Independence Square 4

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Onafhankelijkheidsplein 4 (2007)

Onafhankelijkheidsplein 4 bakstenen hoekafwerking (2007)The building of the High Court dates from 1793 according to a memorial stone. It was build on the brick substructure of a wooden house which the Van Wangenheim-Du Four family had build around 1755 and which already had the decorated porch of the present building.

The substructure was raised to the height of a floor. Onafhankelijkheidsplein 4 stoep (2007)Therefore the old porch (a unique piece of rococo style in Suriname) had to be raised with three brick flights. The beautiful brick corner pilasters add a sharp edge to the building.
Onafhankelijkheidsplein 4 dakvenster (2007)

The mansard roof, covered with slate, has ten dormers with barrel shape roofs and carved cheeks and two central dormers which are somewhat larger and are handsomely decorated.Onafhankelijkheidsplein 4 timpaan (2007)Mr.dr.J.C. de Mirandastraat, achterzijde Onafhankelijkheidsplein 4
                                                                                                                                High Court and the Treasury Department from the rear


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