Duplessis House, Independence Square 2

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Onafhankelijkheidsplein 2 (2007)

The edifice at the corner of Independence Square and the Gravenstraat was build as a residence after mid 18th century. It is known as the Duplessis House and for a long period of time it housed the Home Office. Nowadays the Nimos (the National Institute for Environmental Research Suriname) resides here.

    Duplessishuis.jpg                                                         Onafhankelijkheidsplein 2 noordgevel (2007) Onafhankelijkheidsplein 2 achterzijde (2007)

The building has two floors and a steep roof, covered with slate, and with dormers on all sides. Two low dormers, actually little more than flat windows, flank the dormers in the front and in the rear. There is an internal ground floor gallery in the front, with wooden arches of alternating size. The arches over the windows are as wide as the windows, those in-between are narrower. Beautiful fanlights top the main doors.

The interior has been changed to a large extend and hardly resembles the original lay-out. The ground floor now is one large open space with a staircase with beautiful balusters which stands in the middle, a bit lost.

Onafhankelijkheidsplein 2 deur achterzijde (2007)      Onafhankelijkheidsplein 2 laag dakhuis achterzijde (2007)      Onafhankelijkheidsplein 2 baluster binnentrap (2007)


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