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Gravenstraat 52-54 (2007)

The twin houses Gravenstraat 52 and 54 were joined together in the 80’s of the 20th century. That is a pity. They were not only each other’s spitting image, they were also quite characteristic for the period around 1900. The massive block we see nowadays destroyed the look and feel of the once elegant, detailed front façades. timeskin gravenstraat 52-54

The galleries and balconies are constructed along the full width of the houses and on all levels. They carry richly decorated details, like the consoles of the posts, the door at ground floor level, the round gable window and the iron trelliswork. The ground floor shows a remarkable deviation of the division in three bays: two doors and two windows are set behind three openings between the gallery posts.

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Gravenstraat 52-54 console (2007)     Gravenstraat 52-54 detail voorgevel (2007)     Gravenstraat 52-48 gevel Tourtonnelaan (2007)

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