Gravenstraat 68

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The compound at Gravenstraat 68 is an odd mixture of indefinable parts, haphazard additions, but all the same beautiful details. The building facing the street has a traditional façade structure of 5 bays in width and two floors. The steep roof has a central dormer and two smaller to the sides. The high stoop has internal stairs in the central bay, that lead to a double panel door. The posts of the galleries are of cast iron and are richly adorned. On the first floor these are crowned by dazzling wrought iron consoles. The latticework on the first floor is also richly ornamented iron work.

Gravenstraat 68 Stoep met gietijzeren kolommen (2007).jpg     Gravenstraat 68 detail dakconstructie en gietijzeren console (2007).jpg     Gravenstraat 68 gietijzeren balusters (2007).jpg

The east façade shows irregularities with five bays on the ground floor and the first floor, which alters at the attic level where there is an awning. This awning actually is a continuation
of the protruding roof in the rear.
The west side is a capricious mass of construction elements, which only shows some structure when one looks at it from the yard. The main mass of the compound reveals itself as an
L-shape; the saddle roof construction of the part in the depth of the premises can be seen from the street.
Gravenstraat 68 (2007).jpg
The yard is situated considerably below street level and the high flight of stairs appears to be caused by a basement. Both wings have internal galleries in the bell floor with oval arches. The floors on top do not show any relation to the segmentation of the column construction, which enhances the cut and paste feeling of the compound.

There are more buildings in the yard, the two most to the front are still in the traditional wooden construction. 

Gravenstraat 68 achterzijde (2007).jpg

                   video Gravenstraat 68.jpg

      Gravenstraat 68 gebouw oost binnenplaats (2007).jpg      Gravenstraat 68 gebouw west binnenplaats (2007).jpg


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