Mr.dr.J.C. de Mirandastraat 15

Mr.dr J.C. de Mirandastraat 15 (2007)

Mr.dr.J.C. de Mirandastraat 15 (the old numbering is Mirandastraat 19 - TG) is a brick house of five bays wide, that gives a good idea of what the house at #13 would have looked like before the extension from 5 to 7 bays. An important difference is that this house does not have Demerara windows on the top floor, like #13, but sliding windows and wooden folding shutters. As in #13 this building also has a sturdy cornice on both floors of the gallery, which has Doric pillars downstairs and Ionic upstairs. The pediment has a semi-oval window with radiating panes. The painted corrugated iron roof gives the building a cheap image. Nowadays (2007) it is occupied by the Department for Development. To the right of the building is a simple brick house which is attached to it.
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