Northern city church (Moravian), Gravenstraat past 69

Gravenstraat Noorderstadskerk (2007)                                            Noorderstadskerk [EBG]

The Noorderstadskerk (Northern city church, Moravian) is seven bays deep and is situated quite far from the street-line. It’s tower is clear-cut and dominates the image because of its proportions. A heavy square base seems to rest on the portal at the front of the church. That base carries an octagonal third part with a slender spire, which is covered with slate.

There are three similar doors in the front façade. One in the 5/8 portal, two at both sides in the front façade proper. The doors and windows have pointed skylights.

Gravenstraat Noorderstadskerk detail (2007)                                                                                             Noorderstadskerk     Gravenstraat Noorderstadskerk interieur (2007) 
Gravenstraat Noorderstadskerk stoep (2007)


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