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The cemetery Nieuwe Oranjetuin (New Orange Garden) is situated between the Gravenstraat and the Nassylaan and borders the Swalmbergstraat to the west. It was founded in the beginning of the 18th century. Before that periode the well to do Dutch Reformed citizens were buried in the Oranjetuin, which is now the Kerkplein (Church square). The tombstones of natural stone which were used in those days were ordered in the Netherlands (also see the Dutch Reformed Church page).
In the Nieuwe Oranjetuin the shrines were mainly erected in brick. The craftsmanship of the masons of that time clearly shows in these works.
At the bottom of this page some shrines at the cemetery Oud Lina's Rust in the Wanicastraat are shown.

Oranjetuin 02 Oranjetuin 03 Oranjetuin 04 Oranjetuin 05 Oranjetuin 06 Oranjetuin 07 Oranjetuin 08 Oranjetuin 09

Oud Lina's Rust
Oud Linas Rust 01 Oud Linas Rust 02 Oud Linas Rust 03 Oud Linas Rust 04 Oud Linas Rust 05

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