Police Head Office [X 1980], Waterkant 64

Politiebureau Waterkant [X 1980]

The destruction of the Police Head Office at the Waterfront marks the revolt of the Petty Officers of the Surinamese army in 1980. Lontoe oso Volders

Around 1925 a shop of 9 bays wide, owned by Mr. Haas, was toroughly rebuilt into a police station. It was constructed in the style of the Amsterdam school, with a hermetic character,  even though there was an internal gallery on the ground floor. Very heavy pillars, the like of which are nowhere to be found in the city, separated the gallery from the street. In the axis there was a passageway to the premises in the back.
The building had three layers with a saddle roof that was split in two halves by a kind of stump turret with a vertical, protruding glass section in the axis.

In front of this office, next to the river, there used to be an even older police station, called Lontoe oso, that dated from 1857.


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