Rectory of the Redemptorist fathers, Gravenstraat 21

Gravenstraat 11 Pastorie Paters Redemptoristen (2007)

The rectory of the Redemptorists fathers was put into service  in 1866. In the course of time it was extended; fortunately always in the same style. The third floor was only added after 1900 and the protruding central entrance was enlarged from one to three bays. 

Gravenstraat 21, Pastorie Redemptoristen, Volders


Drawing by Volders after a picture of around 1900
when the building still had only two floors and
the central entrance only consisted of one bay.

 Gravenstraat Pastorie Paters Redemptoristen achtergalerij (2007) 1      Gravenstraat Pastorie Paters Redemptoristen achtergalerij 1e verdieping (2007)

The internal galleries which are so characteristic for this building are also employed in the rear.
The roof is rather flat and is fitted with a roof ventilation construction.

The main entrance is adorned with some ornaments, but the building in general is rather austere.

Gravenstraat 11 Pastorie Paters Redemptoristen, deurornament (2007)      Gravenstraat Pastorie Paters Redemptoristen detail (2007)

The building has a large backyard on which stands an open pavilion. Since 2006 the building is used by the music school of Paramaribo and some small businesses.

Gravenstraat Pastorie Paters Redemptoristen achtergevel (2007)     Gravenstraat Pastorie Paters Redemptoristen achtergevel (2007)


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