Rosa church, Prinsenstraat

Rosakerk (2007)

The Rosa Church is the second largest Roman catholic church in Paramaribo. It was taken into service in its present form in 1911. Before that time a smaller building with only one tower stood on the same spot as early as 1860.
Rosakerk interieur (2007)
The church is situated in the depth with a modest square in front. It has three aisles: a high nave and two lower aisles in front of which stand the two towers with spires. Windows and doors are endowed with pointed arched fanlights. The top of the façade is marked by a round light. The climbing freezes of the façade and towers carry ornaments in the form of pointed arches. The church is painted in the same yellow-grey color combination as the Cathedral.
The ceilings are flat, but wooden boards are fitted in the nave and the choir to mock a rib vault.

                            Rosakerk gevel (2007)

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