The Treasury Department, Independence Square 3

Onafhankelijkheidsplein 3 (2007)

The building that dominates the west side of the Independence square was build between 1836 and 1841 to serve as town hall. But soon enough it accommodated the Treasury Department and so it stayed until today.
Onafhankelijkheidsplein 3 medaillon (2007)The town architect Johan August Voigt designed this brick building of seven bays wide and three deep. The three central bays in front have a sturdy forecourt as high as the building itself, with four Doric pillars that carry a heavy cornice and pediment. The pediment is adorned with a medallion of King Willem III. The cornice continues around the whole building. Onafhankelijkheidsplein 3 torentje (2007)
The octagonal tower on the steep, slate roof is made of timber and supports a cupola that is octagonal in shape as well. If one takes a look at the building plan, one discovers a peculiar detail: the columns on the first floor that support the tower do not rest on the columns on the ground floor. Their base is wider, which indicates that the size of the tower was made larger during construction.

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 Time jump to the west side of Independence square in 1878.

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