Wagenwegstraat 47

Wagenwegstraat 47 (2007)

Wagenwegstraat 47 is a building build in the width, with interesting details.
Wagenwegstraat 47 welvingen mansardedak (2007)
Two floors with five bays stand on top of a high brick substructure. A balcony protrudes from the three central bays. Two profiled posts are fitted in the stoop with steps at the sides, the two outer posts have their own separate brick base. The consoles are massive and also support the cantilevers of the decorated joists of the balcony. The corner pilasters carry a green accentuated capital. The mansard roof has got beautiful curves which unfortunately are difficult to see, except from the side.  The large dormer has three windows and is crowned with a round window in the gable. The curves in the cornice are rather subtle, a feature that can also be seen in a less refined way at Wagenwegstraat 41.

        Wagenwegstraat 47 pilaar (2007)     Wagenwegstraat 47 console en uitkragingen (2007)     Wagenwegstraat 47 pilaster (2007)     Wagenwegstraat 47 frontonraam (2007)Wagenwegstraat 47 stoep (2007)


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