Waterkant 10

Waterkant 10 (2007)

Waterkant 10 is a brick building of three storeys, built in the width in 5 bays. The front has a stately appearance, but the helm roof is too small in proportion to the building. It is not very steep and it is covered with slate.
The fa├žade is dominated by a gallery over the full height of the building, covering the three middle bays. A high brick substructure carries Dorian pillars. The first and second floors are adorned with Ionic pillars with sturdy cornices and light iron fencing on the balconies. A large tympanum with a semi-oval window tops it all.

In the axis on the ground floor there is a passageway to the backyard. The upper floors have broad double doors with a semi-oval skylight. The side stairs to the doors on the ground floor are internal.


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