The Waag (Weigh-house), Waterkant

Waterkant 7 Waag (2007)

Waag, tekening BenoîtThe Waag (Weigh-house) was one of the first buildings to be reconstructed between 1822 and 1824, after the fire of 1821. It is made completely out of plastered brick. The dormers, three of which are in the rear, date from a later period.
The ground floor is an open space with four massive columns that carry the upper floor. 
In the drawing by Benoit (see right) one can see that the river used to be closer to the building than it is nowadays. The side facing the river then had only one dormer. Anno 2007 the Waag is a café- restaurant.

Waterkant Waag karreijzer (2007)

Cannon used as protection of the corners against cartwheels

       Waterkant Waag achterzijde dakhuizen     Waterkant Waag interieur

                                                              Three dormers at the side facing the river                        Massive columns on the ground floor in the interior

Waag (ca 1908).jpg













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