Hendrik school, Gravenstraat 34

Gravenstraat 34 Hendrikschool.jpg

It is not sure whether the building dates from 1885 (Volders, page 47) or from a slightly later period, around the turn of the century (1900). But it definitely is the first building with a firm cornice, behind which a corrugated iron roof only slightly slants down, thus giving the impression of a flat roof. The buildings is 7 bays wide and 3 deep. It has three doors that open to the street with semi-circular skylights topping them. The three stoops in front of the doors changed from semi-circular to rectangular, probably to create more space on the pavement.

Gravenstraat Hendrik school Building in the schoolyard (2014).jpgGravenstraat Hendrikschool rear (2014).jpgAt the rear there is a large outdoor stairway, with a landing, leading to the first floor.

In the backyard there are some more school buildings.





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 Stairway in the back                                                                                                   Schoolbuilding in the backyard       

 Gravenstraat 34 (ca 1925).jpgGravenstraat near the Hendrik school, around 1925








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