In the districts

The typical Surinamese wooden architectural style is not limited to Paramaribo; interesting buildings can also be seen in the districts outside the capital. Building in Suriname is largely restricted to the area along the east-west main road; starting in the east with the border town of Albina (border with French Guyana) in the Marowijne district, along the plantations of Commewijne to Paramaribo. Continuing past Groningen in Saramacca and the former British plantations in Coronie to New Nickerie, the capital of the rice-district Nickerie which borders Guyana (the former British Guyana).

The architectural style outside the capital gives a less open and less refined impression. In the west, in Nickerie, the influence of the Guyanese style can be recognized in for instance the Demerara windows.

Two complexes are worth mentioning separately: the fortress of New Amsterdam at the confluence of the Suriname and Commewijne rivers and Jew’s Savannah, about an hour upstream from Paramaribo on the Suriname river.

Distrikt Fort Nieuw Amsterdam           Distrikt Jodensavanne

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District Para.jpg           Distrikt Coronie           Distrikt Saramacca           Distrikt Nickerie

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