Mail route

Joint the postman while he delivers his mail in the historic inner city.

In 1961 a series of 10 stamps was released that was a tribute to Suriname's historic architecture. They were designed by the artist Nic Loning (1925-1999).

Paleis l    Gebouw 1790 l     Ministerie van Financien l     Hof van Justitie l     Mirandastraat 13 l 
  Presidential palace                           Building 1790                       Finance Department               High Court of Justice                     Mirandastraat 13

Statengebouw [X] l     Nepveuhuis [X] l    Hervormde kerk l     Synagoge l     Sluis l 
          House of Parliament [X]                   Nepveu House [X]                        Dutch Reformed church                   Dutch-Israelite synagogue                  sluice                          
   Gravenstraat 2-4                            Gravenstraat 6                                                                                                                                                        

Without Borders

In 2010 TNT released a series of 6 stamps, called Without Borders. The stamps were printed 3 different sheets. The border of one of the sheets features a picture from the City of Parmaribo site: that of the Weigh house.

Grenzeloos vel 3

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