Walther Tjon Pian Gi, who developed the idea for the site was interviewed on radio twice around the time of the launching of the site. One interview, in Dutch, can be heard here:
18 november 2007: Zorg en Hoop (Radio 5).

Do you want to know more about Paramaribo or Suriname in general, check out the websites below.
Unfortunately most sites are in Dutch [NL]. Some are in English [E].

Sites on the historic inner city of Paramaribo
Unesco Suriname [NL/E]
Stichting Gebouwd Erfgoed Suriname [NL]

Sites on buildings in Suriname
Open air museum Fort Nieuw Amsterdam [NL]

Around the world in 80 clicks: Foto's van Paramaribo [NL/E]

Articles on the historic inner city of Paramaribo
Stichting Surinaams museum  [NL]

General sites on Suriname
Waterkant  [NL]
ANDA Suriname  [NL]
Landenweb, Suriname  [NL]
Paramaribo Startpagina  [NL]









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