City of Paramaribo is a virtual town that everyone should visit in his own way. Are you a person who likes to stroll through a city with a map in your hand, this is the page to be.
Using the submenus you can explore the city by reading the map from different points of view.

Visit over 45 highlights of Surinamese historical architecture by clicking on the buildings on the map.

Click on a street or part of it to discover which buildings you can visit there.
By clicking on a building, the picture is enlarged.

The ‘Video’ map gives you the opportunity to look around by means of a video in some particular spot in town.

Time jump
The virtual city enables you to travel back and forth in time. Choose a spot to see how things have changed in the course of time.

The good old days
Stroll through the city in the old days.

Mail route
Joint the postman while he delivers his mail in the historic inner city.

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