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How to make City of Paramaribo Your Paramaribo.

Write an articel for the site
Just like Marjon and Paul who kept a weblog for City of Paramaribo about their work as architects on the renovation of Fort New Amsterdam.

Be a sponsor of the website by adopting the picture of a building
The City of Paramaribo website can only exist because people care and contribute to the city. We need money to keep the site alive. Contribute by adopting the picture of a building. We list your name underneath the picture or on the page you adopt.
Read how to adopt the picture of a building.

Torie is the Surinamese word for story. If you remember an interesting story about the city or a building, please write us. Or post it on the Torie-forum.
The best Tories will be selected for this special Tories page.

Committee of recommendation
The members of the Committee of recommendation are not only admirers of the historic inner city of Paramaribo, they are also convinced that this site will contribute to an ever growing appreciation for this unique part of Suriname.

Friends of City of Paramaribo
A city lives and thrives because of the people who live and work there, who visit it, who build new houses and develop activities. The dynamics of the City of Paramaribo depends on valuable additions to the site.
As a Friend of City of Paramaribo you can contribute to the virtual city by sending us material like text, pictures, movies.

Start a discussion on Paramaribo
On our Forum you can start a discussion with other admirers of Paramaribo about the city and about our site.

City of Paramaribo keeps you informed on news on the historic inner city.
The latest newsletter contains recent issues on Paramaribo and informs you about our site.
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