Nickerie district

Nickerie - Rijstvelden bij Wageningen


Nickerie used to be a flourishing rice district. In 2010 little of that is left. Along the East-West main road lie the former rice fields in decay and the yellow double-decker airplanes with which the paddy is sown and the fields are sprayed don’t take off that industriously anymore from their short airstrips next to the road.


New Nickerie

Even in better times the administrative centre of New Nickerie was a sleepy town. There are only a few remarkable buildings. Because the plots of land are fairly large, even in the heart of town, the buildings lie so far apart, that the typical rhythm which makes Paramaribo so unique, does not come into being. One could say that the feeling is too diluted. 

Nickerie - Nw. Nickerie, Distriktscommissariaat                              




   Demerara windows.jpg Demerara windows

The district borders with Guyana, the former colony of British Guyana with the Demerara river at its centre, and some typical details of the building style in that country were incorporated in the local traditions. The administrative building of the District Commissioner is leading in featuring the “Demerara windows”, louver shutters that hinge horizontally at the top out of a tilted standard position.



Nickerie - Nw. Nickerie, Distriktscommissariaat Demerara window Nickerie Nickerie - Nw. Nickerie Nickerie - Nw. Nickerie, kerk Nickerie - Nw. Nickerie Nickerie - Nw. Nickerie Nickerie - Nw. Nickerie

The old days

Nickerie - Nw Nickerie Gouvernementsgebouw.jpg Nickerie - Nw Nickerie Voorstraat.jpg Nickerie - Nw Nickerie - Julianatheater [X].jpg Nickerie - Plantage Waterloo (ca 1925).jpg

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