Rust en Vrede church (Moravian)

Rust en Vredekerk [EBG] (2009)

The Moravian Rust en Vrede church, named after the plantation Rest and Peace, is situated quite a distance from the old centre at the Gemenelandsweg 67 (and the corner of the the Rust en Vredestraat, today F. Derbystraat), at the edge of Frimangron, the ward where the freed slaves settled down. It is a sturdy building on short stilts, which actually indicates that it is a simple church (also constructively). For the area though, it is a building of some stature, that is why we incorporate it in the hotspots.

Rust en Vredekerk - neuten, ramen, stoepenThe façades in the front and back of the church exist of six bays, the façades to the sides surprisingly jump from four bays on ground level to to five in the second. But when one takes a look at the brick dies it becomes clear that the front is partitioned in 13 sections by 14 verticals. The front doors are positioned in the 2nd and 12th section with simple brick steps with iron railings leading towards them. In between there are four tilting windows topped by semicircular skylights, similar to those at the Hervormde kerk at Kerkplein. The second level is not at full height, the dormer in the centre with the square tower runs only halfway through the roof.

Rust en Vredekerk - achtergevel (2009)The rear façade is a more simple repetition of the front, the east façade is a bit messy because of an extension.

Rust en Vredekerk - oostgevel (2009)The west façade though is rather impressive for such a small church.

.Rust en Vredekerk - westgevel (2009)

Rust en Vrede Kerk.jpg


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