Stoelmanstraat - Gongrijpstraat - Prinsessestraat

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At the northern end Zwartenhovenbrugstraat is Stoelmanstraat, which continues north of Gravenstraat. In that part there are three buildings that are listed as a monument.

West from that northern part of Stoelmanstraat lies Gongrijpstraat which turns east to meet Stoelmanstraat and north, across the Sommelsdijkse kreek, to continue under its proper name. Four buildings in  Gongrijpstraat are on the list of monuments.

To the east, parallel to Gongrijpstraat lies Prinsessestraat, with two monuments. This street can be reached via Gravenstraat.







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Gongrijpstraat 11 (2014).jpg Gongrijpstraat 14 (2014).jpg Gongrijpstraat 16 (2014).jpg Gongrijpstraat 65 (2014).jpg


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