Waterkant 12

          Waterkant 12 (2007)

Waterkant 12 is a building on a brick basement in which there are just a few small windows. The façade is divided in 3 bays, the building is 4 bays deep. Two stairs on both sides lead towards a small landing with a double front door, topped by a balcony. Sturdy round columns that match the landing construction support that balcony and the balcony roof. The balusters are dimensioned quite sturdy as well. The slated roof has a dormer at the front.

Woonkamer          Lambrizering woonkamer          Slaapkamer         
  living room at the left hand front side                                                     panneling  and cupboard                                                   bedroom           

The owner in 2012, Michael Vervuurt (who died in 2014) and before him his father, have put a lot of effort into keeping the house in its original state, at least the exterior. The façade boards still have the original width of 12 inches and the roof is recently fit with new slate that comes from the same quarry as the original ones. The interior is historically not up to standards, but nevertheless emanates a traditional feeling. Furniture is not from the 19th century and the stained glass windows were fit by the end of the 20th century.

The stoop in the garden is an example of masonry craftsmanship, even though the construction is somewhat farfetched. In the garden there are a well and some “yard buildings”. Yard buildings used to be buildings with a specific function (kitchen, bakery etc.), more specifically the houses of domestic slaves.

Glas in lood 2     Glas in lood 1     Stoep achter     Tuin met erfwoningen 

In the basement there is an old water storage basin, now open at the front. The space serves as a private pub.

Oud waterreservoir in kelder          Kelder


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