Are there lakes in southern Argentina?

Colored in deep green or turquoise hues, they are among dramatic landscapes, such as the high altitude deserts of Catamarca in the north and the alpine glaciers of Patagonia in the south. Argentina’s lakes are some of the most scenic of all found in the world, and certainly a photographers’ paradise.

Are there many lakes in southern Argentina?

Lakes. The Los Lagos Region (Lake District), on the border of Chile and Argentina in the Andes mountain region, contains many glacial lakes that are carved out of the mountains then filled by melt-water and rain.

Does Argentina have lakes and rivers?

Argentina encompasses more than 1 million square miles of land with numerous mountains, rivers and lakes spread across the country. The fourth-largest country in the Americas, Argentina trails just Canada, the United States and Brazil in size.

What are the major lakes in Argentina?

List of lakes of Argentina

  • Aluminé Lake.
  • Amutui Quimey Reservoir.
  • Argentino Lake.
  • Cami Lake.
  • Cholila Lake.
  • Laguna del Diamante.
  • Espejo Lake.
  • Correntoso Lake.

What do they drink in Argentina?

Mate, the national drink of Argentina

  • Mate across S. America. …
  • Origins, a South American Holly. The origins of the word mate, or yerba mate as it is also called, are indigenous. …
  • Mate and Tango are to Argentinians as Whisky and The Fling are to the Scots. …
  • Take away some Argentinian memories.
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How does Argentina look like?

Land. Argentina is shaped like an inverted triangle with its base at the top; it is some 880 miles (1,420 km) across at its widest from east to west and stretches 2,360 miles (3,800 km) from the subtropical north to the subantarctic south.

What are three animals found in Argentina?

Prominent animals include big cats like the jaguar and puma; primates (howler monkey); large reptiles (crocodiles), the Argentine black and white tegu and a species of caiman. Other animals include the tapir, peccary, capybara, bush dog, and various species of turtle and tortoise.