Frequent question: Is Neymar The captain of Brazil?

Is Neymar is the captain of Brazil?

Neymar has been left out Brazil’s football team for the Tokyo Olympics. Dani Alves has been named as the captain. Neymar has previously said he wants to play at the Tokyo Olympics, but the list confirms the Paris Saint-Germain forward won’t be competing in Japan.

Why is Neymar not captain?

The Brazilian star used to be his national team’s skipper but Tite decided against it at a certain moment. In fact, there was a time when pressure was too high for Neymar as a captain and Thiago Silva had to take over the armband. … Neymar is not captain material. He is the star at PSG.

Who is Brazil’s current captain?

Who is Brazil all time top scorer?

Brazil national football team

Most caps Cafu (142)
Top scorer Pelé (77)
Home stadium Various
FIFA ranking
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