How much do copper miners make in Chile?

The study, which looked at 37 countries worldwide and had over 10,000 respondents, said Chilean mine employees earn an average annual salary of $97,537, not so far from the global average of $98,787.

How much do miners make in Chile?

The average pay for a Miner is CLP 10,593,619 a year and CLP 5,093 an hour in Santiago, Chile. The average salary range for a Miner is between CLP 7,919,641 and CLP 12,971,264.

How much do copper miners make?

The salaries of Copper Miners in the US range from $30,880 to $70,360 , with a median salary of $48,550 . The middle 60% of Copper Miners makes $48,550, with the top 80% making $70,360.

How much did the 33 miners get paid?

The owners of the mine in Chile where 33 men were trapped for 69 days will pay $5m (£3.2m) towards their rescue. The sum was agreed in a deal between the Chilean government and the San Esteban Mining Company.

Who owns the copper mines in Chile?

In 2020, Escondida, owned by BHP Billton, Rio Tinto and JECO, was the largest copper mine in Chile, with a copper production of nearly 1.2 million metric tons.

Leading copper mines in Chile in 2020, by production volume (in 1,000 metric tons)

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Mine (Company) Production in thousand metric tons

What happened to the 33 miners in Chile?

On August 5, 2010, just after lunch, part of the San Jose copper mine in northern Chile collapsed underground, turning the 33 men — aged from 19 to 63 at the time — into prisoners. It took 17 days to even find them alive 600 meters (nearly 2,000 feet) below, at the bottom of the century-old mine.

What is the highest paying job in the mining industry?

Fortune hunters: the top ten best paid mining jobs

  • Project director/ drilling operations director – up to $400,000.
  • Project Controls and Site Managers – up to $350,000.
  • Engineers – up to $240,000.
  • Geologists – up to $230,000.
  • Metallurgists – up to $220,000.
  • Geophysicists – up to $200,000.

Where is the largest copper mine in the US?

In that year, the largest copper mine in the United States was Morenci in Greenlee, Arizona. Morenci had a capacity of some 480,000 metric tons of copper that year.

Leading United States copper mines based on capacity in 2015 (in 1,000 metric tons)

Mine (County, State) Capacity in thousand metric tons

Is the Chilean mine still open?

The San José Mine (Spanish: Mina San José) is a small copper-gold mine located near Copiapó, Atacama Region, Chile.

San José Mine.

Opened 1889
Closed 2010
Company San Esteban Mining Company

What do they mine in Chile?

Copper, molybdenum, iron, nitrates, and other concentrated minerals make up a large part of the total value of national exports. Copper mining in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile. Metals account for the highest percentage of mining exports, copper being primary.

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