How much wine does Chile import?

Red / White Grape Grown Cabernet Sauvignon (HA)
2015 43211
2016 42409
2017 41156
2018 41099

How much wine does Chile export?

Wine exports from Chile amounted to 1.7 billion euros in 2019, same amount than a year earlier. Compared to 2014, the amount of exports of wine from this South American country increased by approximately three million euros, representing an increase of 21 percent in comparison to that year.

What is Chile’s biggest import?

Chile main imports are: energy products including crude and refined oil, coal, gas and lubricants (16 percent of total purchases); chemicals (6 percent); cars (5 percent); metallic products (5 percent); parts, other machinery and equipment (4 percent); wearing apparel (4 percent) and truck and cargo vehicles (3 percent …

What are the major imports of Chile?

In fact, the three major imports of Chile fall within these categories, namely that of crude petroleum ($5.43 billion, or 7.9%), refined petroleum ($5.33 billion, or 7.7%), and cars ($3.8 billion, or 5.5%). The three biggest import partners of Chile are China, the United States of America, and Brazil.

Which country imports the most wine?

Searchable List of Wine Importing Countries in 2020

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Rank Importer Wine Imports (US$)
1. United States $5,883,811,000
2. United Kingdom $4,396,922,000
3. Germany $2,949,214,000
4. Canada $1,974,379,000

Who is Chile’s largest exporter of wine?

In 2019, China was the leading destination of Chile’s wine exports. In that year, close to 331 million U.S. dollars worth of wine were exported from Chile to China.

How big is the wine industry in Chile?

With close to 12 million hectoliters in 2019, Chile holds the second place in Latin America’s wine production. As of 2018, the country housed a total of 194 thousand hectares of vineyard surface area, of which nearly 71 percent were cultivated with vitis vinifera.

What is Chile the largest exporter of?

Exports The top exports of Chile are Copper Ore ($18.4B), Refined Copper ($13.4B), Sulfate Chemical Woodpulp ($2.82B), Fish Fillets ($2.79B), and Pitted Fruits ($1.96B), exporting mostly to China ($22.6B), United States ($9.74B), Japan ($6.38B), South Korea ($4.71B), and Brazil ($3.17B).

What products are made in Chile?

Chile’s main agricultural products include grapes, whole fresh cow milk, indigenous chicken meat, indigenous cattle meat, indigenous pig meat, apples, tomatoes, wheat, maize, potatoes. There are 13,564 hectares of organic land in Chile and approximately 550 organic farms operating in the country.

What is Chile famous for?

Even though Chile is internationally known for its succulent red wines and its devilish pisco, Chile also has a strong and diverse beer culture!

What does US import from Chile?

The top import categories (2-digit HS) in 2019 were: copper ($2.6 billion), fish and seafood (fillet, other fish meat) ($2.6 billion), edible fruit & nuts (grapes,fresh or dried) ($1.9 billion), wood and wood products ($829 million), and special other (returns) ($388 million).

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