How warm is the water in Peru?

In Lima, the sea is never very warm, even though it becomes acceptable for swimming from January to March. In the northern part of the coast, the sea is warmer, in fact the water temperature ranges from 25 °C (77 °F) in February and March to 21 °C (70 °F) between August and October.

What is the water temp in Peru?

The warmest water today in Peru recorded in Zorritos, its value is 22.9°C. Lowest – in Lomas, there water temperature now 14.5°C. Average water temperature in the country today – 18.1°C.

Neighboring cities and resorts.

Callao 16.6°C 3km
Chancay 16.7°C 57km
Pucusana 16.4°C 58km

Is the water warm or cold off the coast of Peru?

Cold water is typically present off the coast of Peru under normal conditions. The general wind flow from west to east creates an ocean current flowing in the same direction.

Is Peru mostly hot or cold?

Peru is located entirely in the tropics but features desert and mountain climates as well as tropical rainforests.

Amazon rainforest.

City Iquitos
Average annual temp. 26.4 °C (79.5 °F)
Warmest month 26.9 °C (80.4 °F) (October, November)
Coolest month 25.4 °C (77.7 °F) (July)
Annual precipitation 2,857 mm (112.5 in)
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How cold is the water in Peru?

Peru water temperature today

Sea water temperature in some cities of Peru is above 20°C and it is enough for comfortable bathing. The warmest sea temperature in Peru today is 24.4°C (in Zorritos), and the coldest water temperature is 13.4°C (Puno).

Can you swim in the ocean in Peru?

To simply swim, it is recommended to visit Restin Beach, which is more protected from wind and waves. … Traditional Peruvian beach and port with fishing huts and caballos de totora, this beach is recommended during the South American summer (January and February).

How expensive is travel in Peru?

The Daily Cost of Peru Travel

At $35-40 USD, you will find good hostels, great food and getting around town with Uber or street taxis. And for those looking for comfort and maybe a luxurious experience, the daily cost will start from $45 USD and up.

Is Peru hot all year round?

Peru has three distinctive regions with three distinctive climates. The coastal region, which is mainly desert has a dry hot climate all year round, with temperatures reaching 45°C (110°F) from December through April.