Is there TPS for Venezuelans?

TPS is a temporary status. The Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas is designating Venezuela for TPS for 18 months, until September 9, 2022. TPS status can, however, be extended.

How long is taking the TPS for Venezuelans?

The 18-month registration period for initial applications under the TPS designation for Venezuela now runs through Sept. 9, 2022. The 18-month registration period for initial applications under the redesignation of Syria for TPS now runs through Sept. 30, 2022.

Can Venezuelans with dual nationality apply for TPS?

Can you still get TPS as a Venezuelan? You are not barred from applying for TPS if you have dual citizenship with another country. However, you must meet all of the requirements for TPS.

Who is not eligible for TPS?

These include, but are not limited to, participating in the persecution of another individual or engaging in or inciting terrorist activity; Fail to meet the continuous physical presence and continuous residence in the United States requirements; Fail to meet initial or late initial TPS registration requirements; or.

Can TPS Get Green Card?

Can a TPS Holder Gain Lawful Permanent Residence (Green Card)? The answer is no and yes. TPS does not create a direct path to a Green Card. TPS can be renewed if the designation is renewed by the Department of Homeland Security.

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Can I travel with my TPS?

If you have TPS and wish to travel outside the United States, you must apply for travel authorization. … This document gives you permission to leave the United States and return during a specified period of time. To apply for advance parole, you must file Form I-131, Application for Travel Document.

How much does TPS cost?

Form Details

The Applicant Is Applicant’s Age
Re-registering for TPS and requesting an EAD Younger than 14
Re-registering for TPS and requesting an EAD $495
Re-registering for TPS and not requesting an EAD Younger than 14
Re-registering for TPS and not requesting an EAD $85

How do I check my TPS status?

To access the register, go to and enter the search terms “TPS” and the name of your country. You can also check the Temporary Protected Status page of the USCIS website for any updated deadlines and dates of a possible re-extension.

When can I start applying for TPS?

TPS Eligibility

Anyone who enters the United States after the date of designation generally may not apply for protective status at that time. A country’s Temporary Protected Status is usually for 6, 12, or 18 months, and can be extended at the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Can a person with dual nationality apply for TPS?

Having dual nationality does not preclude an applicant from meeting the nationality requirement for TPS. Therefore, the director’s decision to deny the application on this ground will be withdrawn.

Can I apply for TPS in removal proceedings?

Your client will apply for TPS with USCIS, even if your client is in removal proceedings at the time of the designation. (Application for Temporary Protected Status), and (2) Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization Document), regardless of age.

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Can you adjust status with TPS?

If a TPS holder can gain a temporary status that’s considered to come with lawful admission, it can lead to green card via adjustment of status. The best bets for this are the U visa and T visa for victims of crime and trafficking.