Is today Colombian Independence Day?

Colombians celebrate Independence Day on July 20, which marks the day in 1810 that the residents of Bogotá began protesting in the streets against Spanish rule. This Colombian national holiday commemorates the country’s independence from Spain. One of the great appeals of the holiday is its global reach.

What do Colombians eat on Independence Day?

This victory marked July 20 as the official day of Independence for Colombia. July 20 celebrations include parades, political speeches, football games, street markets, flag waving, traditional foods such as tamales, empanadas and arepas, facepainting and plenty of Colombian folk music and dance.

Who found Colombia?

In fact, in 1499 the territory was discovered by his companion Alonso de Ojeda, who arrived there from nearby Santo Domingo, landing at Cabo de la Vela. It was not until 1525, however, that the Spanish began a process of colonization of Colombia, leading to it becoming an integrated colony of the Spanish empire.

Who was in Colombia before the Spanish?

The earliest known inhabitants of Colombia were Mesoamericans who migrated from the north and later Arawak people arrived from the south. The Inca Empire arose in the early 13th century and by the early 14th century had incorporated some parts of modern day Colombia.

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