Should I move to Ecuador or Costa Rica?

With western amenities, thriving expat communities, diverse regions, modern hospitals, and more, Costa Rica is the clear choice over Ecuador for many expats. Ecuador does require an “all in” approach to truly succeed in the country as an expat.

Is it cheaper to live in Costa Rica or Ecuador?

Costa Rica is 47.9% more expensive than Ecuador.

Is Costa Rica safer than Ecuador?

I visited Costa Rica this year and in many ways it reminded me a lot of Ecuador – good food, friendly people and fantastic wildlife. It’s much more touristy but also much safer, much less grimy and much easier to find your way around – many Americans rent cars there and there’s a good shuttle system.

Why you should not move to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is expensive – certainly, it’s the most expensive country in Central American and one of the most expensive in Latin America (though we still save 33% over our U.S. cost of living). … And Costa Rica has a high rate for robberies and burglaries, like much of Latin America.

Is Costa Rica a good place to move to?

With beautiful beaches, safe towns, affordable real estate, and a thriving expat community, Costa Rica is one of the most amazing places you can live. Topping many lists as the best place to retire, it has a fantastic climate, a thriving culture, and an affordable cost of living.

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Is Ecuador cheaper than Mexico?

Ecuador is 18.5% more expensive than Mexico.

Is Ecuador close to Costa Rica?

The distance between Costa Rica and Ecuador is 1392 km.

Is healthcare free in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica does have free public healthcare, but only for Costa Rican citizens who are most financially in need. … While living in Costa Rica, you will need to pay into the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS). This is usually referred to as simply the Caja.

Can I just move to Costa Rica?

It’s very rare. So for most people, you have to become a permanent resident or citizen. … After that period, you can apply to be a permanent resident and can work legally for Costa Rican companies. Some people who move here do find businesses that will hire them even without the proper work permit.