What animals help the Brazil nut tree grow?

Orchid bees visit flowering Brazil nut trees to collect nectar; as they buzz about feeding, the bees inadvertently carry pollen from tree to tree, fertilizing the flowers and helping the trees produce nuts.

How do Brazil nuts grow?

Soak the Seeds

Fill a large mason jar one third full with nuts still in husk, and cover for twenty four hours. Pour out the water and rinse the nuts. Continue the process, reducing soaking time to eight hour increments until you see sprouting. Once you see sprouting, carefully remove the outer husk of the nut.

Why does a Brazil nut burn like a candle?

Brazil nuts may be high in calories (186 calories per ounce) and fat (up to of the castaña nut is pure oil, a fuel so concentrated that you can light a nut with a match and it will burn like a candle).

Are Brazil nuts ethical?

If the agouti are not hunted, or the hunting of them is at least controlled, Brazil nuts are an incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable crop (if we’re looking at the statistics from waterfootprint.org rather than healabel.com, see below for more information).

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