What are the two coasts of Colombia?

Located in the northwest corner of the South American continent, Colombia is the only country in South America with both Atlantic (Caribbean) and Pacific Ocean coastlines.

Does Colombia have two coasts?

Colombia is the only South American country that has coastline on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

What Coast is Colombia on?

The Caribbean region of Colombia or Caribbean coast region is in the north of Colombia and is mainly composed of 8 departments located contiguous to the Caribbean.


Department Atlántico
2018 Census 2.342.265
2005 Census 2.112.001
Capital Barranquilla

Which are the 2 oceans that are part of the coast in Colombia?

Colombia is a country in northwestern South America that has a coastline on both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. It is bordered by Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.

What are the two capitals of Colombia?

Bogotá is the third-highest capital in South America and in the world after Quito and La Paz, at an average of 2,640 meters (8,660 ft) above sea level.

• Mayor Claudia López Hernández (2020–2023)
• Capital city of Colombia 1,587 km2 (613 sq mi)
• Urban 307.36 km2 (118.67 sq mi)

Are there jungles in Colombia?

The two main rainforests in Colombia, the Amazon and the Chocó, have the same layered structure, though they have some differences in their flora and fauna. The Amazon Rainforest is home to a large number of vertebrates. Over millennia, a large number of canopy-dwelling species evolved.

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